Wet Brush Pro Shine Enhancer - is a quality brush designed to keep your hair healthy and shiny. It is made of matte EasyGrip material that feels soft and comfortable to hold, and does not slip in your hands even when wet. This brush is made with exclusive and ultra-soft IntelliFlex brush pins, which gently rescue knots and filter out hair without damaging it. Not only does it minimize the chance of hair breakage, it also provides a more comfortable hairstyle. In addition, it also has natural wild boar hair that 'sucks' the natural oils into the hair and distributes it into lengths and tips. This results in a glossy and silky smooth result.

Wet Brush Pro is a series of hairbrushes designed for professional use in the salon or for private use by the discerning consumer who wants a quality brush. These brushes are created with precise details, clear features and in beautiful colors.

- Hairbrush
- Recommended for all hair types
- Beautiful design in matte black and purple
- EasyGrip
- Comfortable to hold on to
- With IntelliFlex brush sticks and wild boar hair
- Pulls out the natural oils of the hair into the lengths and tips of the hair
- Glossy
- Slides easily and effortlessly through the hair
- Gently remove knots and filter out hair
- Minimizes the chance of broken hair
- Ensures a comfortable haircut
- Ideal for use with dry shampoo

Wet Brush Pro Shine Enhancer